Bio-Ag carries a diverse product line that encourages sustainable agriculture. We promote safe sustainable agriculture with a variety of unique product for the comfort and health of livestock, the longevity of our soil, the purity of our water and for natural processes that enhance renewable resources.

Though ninety five percent of our clients are conventional farmers, most of our products are certified organic or considered environmentally safe.

Our main focus is on safe nutrition for healthy livestock.

We also supply well researched product that will maintain and increase long term fertility in your soil.

We supply systems to promote the healthy use and proper care of water and water resources.

We also carry homeopathics, books, full spectrum lights, vitamins, whey products and more.

We ship across Canada and to points in the U.S.A.

Bio-Ag mixes a number of livestock premixes on site which are verified to be approved for use in organic agriculture by OCPP/Pro-Cert Canada Inc. to the following standards: OC/Pro, USDA NOP, EEC 2092/91, Canadian Organic Standard (COS) and CARTV

Organic Producers: When you call in and order, please be sure to specify whether you want conventional or "approved for use in organic agriculture" premixes. Also, please let us know who you are certified with, so that we can keep our records up to date and ensure you are receiving premix that meets your certifiers standards.

enzolac Enzolac is a unique product that combines both the probiotic (a lactobacillus fermentation product) and live plant enzymes (Kreb Cycle) on a GMO free (genetically modified organisms) wheat carrier. It is made on-site in our drying facility in Wellesley. The enzymes enhance the efficiency of the probiotic and create a balance in the digestive system to ensure optimum health and productivity.

• increases immune system
• improves utilization of protein
• increases conversion rates
• develops a healthier spleen
• improves overall health of livestock

Enzolac is added to all standard Bio-Ag Premixes at no extra charge.

Organic Producers

When you call in an order, please be sure to specify whether you want conventional or organic premixes. Also, let us know which organization you are registered or certified with. It is important that we know so that we can properly mix your premix to your organization's standards.