All Natural Feed Supplement....All In One....
• Includes a full spectrum of premium, properly-balanced minerals and vitamins
• Contains enzymes and oxygen fixing anti-oxidants
• Promotes healthy coats
• Promotes an overall horse health
• Helps prevent stress-related problems in performance horses
• Promotes sheen to coats and stronger hooves
• Gives your weanlings and yearlings a head start in life

Equine Ecstasy is a Complete Well-Rounded Supplement.
This 'All In One' Formula is both cost-efficient and easy to feed.
Testimonial from Carla Schlatter Sumner, Iowa

To use Equine Ecstasy:
Top dress your horse's regular feed ration with the following amounts of Equine Ecstasy:

First 6 months 28 gms/head/day (1oz)
6 months to 1 year 56 GMs/head/day (2oz)
1 to 2 years 85-115 GMs/head/day (3-4oz)
Over 2 years 115 GMs/head/day (4oz)
Horses in Training 115 GMs/head/day (4oz)
Pregnant or Lactating Mares 115 GMs/head/day (4oz)
Stressed horses and horses that are hard to keep 115-140 GMs/head/day (4-5 oz)

We created Equine Ecstasy with you, and your horse's complete satisfaction in mind. Equine Ecstasy is good for all horse breeds. It can be used safely and effectively on every horse regardless of its age or condition. Horses love the taste of its carefully selected ingredients.

Our top dress contains:
• Wheat Shorts with LacticAcid Lactobacilli - A bacterial fermentation supplement (free of antimicrobial activity and is not a source of viable microbial cells).
• Seaweed Meal - A natural source of vitamins and mineral to help to maintain health.
• B vitamins - Necessary to utilize amino acids.
• Dehydrated Alfalfa Meal
• Molasses - A highly palatable ingredient which is a natural source of iron.
• Copper & Cobalt - Necessary for liver function.
• Zinc- To promotes healthy hooves.
• Manganese- To promote healthy conception and proper bone growth
• Iron - An essential nutrient that helps produce hemoglobin, a substance present in red blood cells that carries oxygen throughout the body, and is essential for respiration.