Bio-Ag has a variety of services which compliment the products we supply. We currently provide free consulting for regular customers and fee based consultation for others. We run several different analyses and customize your premixes to suit your specific needs. If you can't find what you're looking for, or have more questions please feel free to contact us for further information.
In addition to our standard formulas, we make custom mineral premixes to ensure your livestock are receiving the proper minerals and to save you time! For example, your custom-tailored formula might include the standard 2:1 Dairy Premix plus Kelp Meal, Bio-Ag Trace Mineral Salt and extra Magnesium Oxide. By combining these products into one product, you can add one item to your TMR or make "one trip around the barn" instead of top dressing these essential feed supplements. It also ensures that your livestock receive these ingredients at the proper levels.

The combination of ingredients added to your custom mix is determined by balancing your ration. A minimum order of 5 bags is the only condition we attach to this service. A minimal mixing charge is added to cover additional labour involved. Custom premixes require a minimum of two business days' notice to ensure prompt delivery of your product.

For additional information on designing your own custom formula, refer to our information on ration balancing.
Bio-Ag offers a "Comprehensive" ration balancing service. We send feed stuffs that the farmer currently uses to laboratories where they are analyzed for:

  • calcium-phosphorous ratios
  • calcium-magnesium ratios
  • calcium-magnesium-potassium ratios
  • macro and trace mineral content
  • protein and energy levels
  • dry matter levels

The laboratory we deal with uses wet chemistry testing techniques, proven to be far more detailed than NIR (near infra red) testing. A minimum of 7 working days is required to receive an analysis report on your feed sample tests.

Based on these analysis, we design well balanced, minimum-cost rations. We focus on maximizing the amount of protein and energy the farmer can obtain from homegrown feedstuff's, to limit the amount of purchased feed. Through feed analysis we are able to advise the farmer on how to:

  • use their own resources efficiently
  • properly balance their animal feed rations at the most economical cost

In addition to tests related to ration balancing, we offer testing for fungal agents in forages and grains. Health problems in livestock are often caused by moldy feeds. These tests can identify mold and toxin problems. Depending on the severity of the mold problem, measures can be taken to counteract their effects or it may be recommended the feed be destroyed. Mold tests on your feedstuffs require a turnaround time of 3 to 4 weeks.

Making premixes custom tailored to these problems, ensures your livestock receive the best possible nutrition for optimum health and production.
Bio-Ag representatives are experts in the field, literally. They will give you straightforward answers in regards to your specific agricultural problems. All of our representatives have years of experience and what they don't know they will research and give you the best solutions available.

We specialize in troubleshooting :

  • livestock nutrition regarding production
  • reproduction and disease control
  • Electrical Pollution problems
  • soil anaylsis
  • water concerns

Your future is our future................Give us a call . . . .
Water is the most basic element vital to the health of all crops and livestock. Many testing options are available. Low cost testing includes:

  • water pH (alkalinity or acidity)
  • Sulphate and iron content,
  • Chloride and nitrate levels
  • water hardness or total dissolved solids

If additional information is required, more in depth testing is available. These tests disclose:

  • heavy metal content
  • the presence of particular chemicals
  • specific nitrates
  • sodium content

Water analysis provides farmers with valuable information on their water supply. From the results of water analysis we are able to advise farmers what measures they need to adapt in order to secure safe drinking water for their livestock.

Turn around time for testing is approximately 2 weeks.
Our soil analysis service tests soil samples for:

  • pH levels
  • base saturation levels or total content of calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, nitrogen, potassium
  • trace mineral content and
  • cationic capacity (the ability to exchange electron charge between the various elements in the soil)

Through these tests farmers become aware of exactly what elements are needed to balance their soil in order for it to produce nutritious crops and healthy livestock.

  • For an accurate assessment 1 or 2, 8 inch soil samples are needed per acre.
  • Turn around time for results is three to four weeks.
Bio-Ag mixes a number of livestock premixes on site which are verified to be approved for use in organic agriculture by OCPP/Pro-Cert Canada Inc. to the following standards: OC/Pro, USDA NOP, EEC 2092/91, Canadian Organic Standard (COS) and CARTV

Organic Producers: When you call in and order, please be sure to specify whether you want conventional or "approved for use in organic agriculture" premixes. Also, please let us know who you are certified with, so that we can keep our records up to date and ensure you are receiving premix that meets your certifiers standards.